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Two Curly Girls y Un Sueño


It all started when...

We finally met in real life. We had been following each other online for a while and the magic that is We All Grow Summit brought us together. We instantly bonded over our love for creating content and voluminous hair. In a matter of seconds we decided to collaborate on a Youtube video for our niche audience which eventually lead us to planning and hosting our first event together, Uptown Curls in New York City. The sold-out event was a huge hit with our readers who instantly asked for more - but not just in New York. They wanted us in their hometowns! They wanted their own version of #UptownCurls and we could not have been more thrilled. 

Well, a thought became a dream, and a dream became reality as we formed a special relationship with a brand we both love and respect immensely. Throughout the past year, we have had the pleasure of working alongside Kia Motors America and it has been such an amazing experience. This authentic connection has lead to so many defining moments for us as digital influencers and we are so thankful to Kia Motors for believing in us enough to make Rizos on the Road a reality. We are so excited to meet all of you in person and cannot wait to bask in the beauty of our powerful community.

Thanks to all of you, Rizos on the Road is one of the most anticipated natural hair tours of 2017. With a bilingual audience, Rizos on the Road promises to bring education, empowerment and cultural pride to Latinas across the country who are passionately looking for curl guidance, beauty tips, relatability and a sense of community. Discussions will be held in each city to empower and support the natural hair movement while highlighting what it means to be an Afro-Latina. With this tour, we hope to empower our community by reminding each other that having natural hair is more than just a trend or hairstyle, it's an embodiment of self-love and fully embracing our roots. We hope to see you at one of our stops!

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Un abrazo, 

Ada & Rocio


Our Team

Creative Entrepreneurs Made with Sazon, Spice and Everything Nice 


Ada Rojas 🔮 @allthingsada

Known for her great sense of style, love for beauty and gypsy-like soul,  Ada created her first blog in 2009 to fill the Latina void in the digital space. With hard work, determination and her undeniable charisma, Ada has been able to attract a following and grow her current online and social platforms as great resources for style, beauty and travel. Over the last seven years, her authentic and captivating voice has empowered Latina millennials to embrace their beauty and own their power.

Rocio Mora ⚜️ @risasrizos

Rocio is a New Orleans based Latina blogger who dedicates her time to achieving her healthiest curls and sharing her experience and tips with her audience in both the English and Spanish languages. In 2014, the RisasRizos YouTube channel was created as an outlet for highlighting the importance of embracing naturally curly hair while focusing on proper curl care for multiple generations. The blog was created in 2015 to provide additional hair tips and other topics such as beauty, health and more.

Ona Diaz-Santin ✂️️ @_thehairsaint_

Ona is a master stylist and curl expert with over 20 years of experience. As the creative director of 5 Salon & Spa in Ft.Lee, New Jersey, Ona has built a loyal clientele who has come to know her as "The Hair Saint" for her virtuous haircuts and styles. From her celebrity clients to dedicated curlfriends that travel from all corners of the world to sit in her chair, Ona has become a trusted source amongst the hair community and has quickly risen to the top as an expert stylist online as well as offline. Ona will be performing live haircut demonstrations during the Rizos on the Road tour.

Denisse Benitez 📸 @thugnanny_

Denisse AKA thugnanny is an internationally published photographer and lead designer at Denisse Benitez Co. She brings several years of experience and a diverse clientele. You can find her work in publications like Vogue Italia, Latina Magazine, Elle Russia, and many independent print publications. She has worked in collaboration with brands like Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Target, Vera Bradley, and many more. In addition to these trades, she manages a successful online presence at Lady Hustle Magazine, a women’s blog about today’s relevant topics. Denisse will be the resident photographer for the Rizos on the Road tour. 

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.
— Unknown